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Second grade


Our levels and days are adapted to the needs of our children and parents.

Colegio Abriendo Caminos Preescolar y Primaria Funza

In second grade, we have an exciting social studies curriculum, which includes traveling back in time and learning all about our country's past, discovering how government leaders and community members worked together to provide goods and services for their communities.


As part of our study we are learning about the first inhabitants; Native Americans. Students learn about the way of life long ago and explore how our environment has changed over time.

They make an introduction based on the research of our country over time. Students conduct research on periods in history using textual and visual resources that include field trips and interviews. Students use timelines to organize years of historical time and demonstrate historical thinking.


Our hard work is celebrated in November for our school completion celebration.

Realizan una introducción basada en la investigación de nuestro país a lo largo del tiempo. Los estudiantes realizan investigaciones sobre períodos de la historia utilizando recursos textuales y visuales que incluyen excursiones y entrevistas. Los estudiantes usan líneas de tiempo para organizar años de tiempo histórico y demostrar el pensamiento histórico.


Nuestro arduo trabajo se celebra en noviembre para nuestra celebración de finalización de clases.

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