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Our Methodology ...


En Abriendo Caminos tus hijos encuentran la inspiración necesaria para planear su futuro y las herramientas claves para crecer como personas íntegras y felices.


Trabajamos para mantener el amor por la educación, porque estamos convencidos de que el proceso de aprendizaje nunca termina sino que continúa a lo largo de la vida.

Felicidad y juego

Queremos que nuestros niños el día de mañana sean adultos felices y por eso les enseñamos desde la cultura de la felicidad, apoyando su crecimiento personal con la psicología positiva.

We provide individual, small and large activities for proper development  that will maximize learning opportunities through exploration and play.  We are trained to meet the needs of every child in a loving and respectful way.

Each child is treated in an individual way, with the utmost importance, strengthening their self-esteem and prioritizing the manifestation of their feelings.  


Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment while offering a wide range of activities that promote social skills, problem solving, and most of all, having fun while learning and growing.  Emphasis will be placed on foreign language (English) and literacy, mathematical concepts, science, art, physical development, and social competence and  emotional.

Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar un entorno seguro y acogedor al tiempo que ofrecemos una amplia gama de actividades que fomentan las habilidades sociales, la resolución de problemas y, ante todo, divertirse mientras aprenden y crecen.


Se hará hincapié en el lenguaje extranjero (Inglés) y la alfabetización, los conceptos matemáticos, las ciencias, el arte, el desarrollo físico y la competencia social y emocional.

Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza

It is important to encourage basic activities such as running, jumping, keeping balance, generating a  mental dynamism, our princes and princesses pay attention, observe, concentrate  and exercise their memory. We generate security and independence when handling different objects.


They learn through experience to distinguish, classify and group, beginning to establish quantitative and qualitative conditions. 



At school we allow them to live experiences that teach them to share, listen, feel, differentiate rhythms, sounds and tones; They develop the senses and improve their intellectual capacity.

The activity by its nature is experimental, it is carried out actively in healthy moments of relaxation and distraction, encouraging imagination, artistic expression,   acquiring endless skills.


All learning must be based on the child's real and direct experience with the environment that surrounds him, and we do it through the senses.


Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza

In Abriendo Caminos we have tools for the stimulation and learning of foreign languages ... through a virtual platform, applications for mobile devices and texts, children learn with native pronunciations, the different contents that will help them develop learning of different languages.

We encourage, respect, and recognize the fact that each child is an individual who learns at his or her own pace and in his or her own way.  We give them love, attention  and the opportunity to make decisions based on your own individual preferences and curiosities.  


Our philosophy and practices adapt according to changes in the educational process and the needs of children.  

We take pride in what we do, for example:


P  = Provide guidance for children to get along with each other, learn, and provide new and challenging learning experiences.

R  = Remember to keep the program flexible and provide lots of positive reinforcement.

I  = Interact with children, parents, and the community to foster mutual respect.

D  = Show respect for cultural and ethnic diversity and model positive behaviors.

AND  = Encourage independence while giving lots of comfort and love.

Language and literacy

• Understand and tell stories.

• Recognize pictures, words and stories.

• Recognize and recite ABC's.

• Understand that writing is communication.


Mathematical concepts

• Count and classify objects in groups.

• Recognize shapes.

• Make size, shape, length, and weight comparisons.



• Explore the natural environment.

• Observe seasonal changes.

• Communicate observations.

• Use tools to measure.



• Express ideas and thoughts creatively.

• Paint, draw and sculpt.

• Listen to music and sing songs.

• Recognize colors.


Social / emotional competence

• Play and work cooperatively.

• Follow the classroom rules

• Interact positively with other children and adults.


Development  physical

Move with balance and coordination.

• Participate in indoor and outdoor physical activities.

• Use writing tools, puzzles, scissors, blocks, clay, and computers.

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