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We offer facilities designed to welcome children in a warm and safe environment.


We have different learning environments which favor learning processes in the different dimensions of development.

Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza

Gym: Early experience in the practice of gross motor exercises allows boys and girls to gain greater self-confidence, becoming aware of their body scheme.

Library: Endowed with stories that develop the various forms of communication, allowing boys and girls to express themselves freely, giving free rein to their imagination and creativity.

Park: Recreational space to enjoy various activities.


Systems: Technology is part of our daily lives and we cannot prohibit it from our children, so in this space the enjoyment of technology is oriented to children while allowing them to interact with learning in a very novel way using the elements that kindergarten has such as educational videos, complementary CDs or the Internet itself.


We are interested in children doing research, so this is a good place to start them.


Terrace: Within the facilities there is a large green area, equipped with children's games that allows psychomotor development in a safe and fun way.


Multiple Classroom: Music and body expression activities are carried out here, as well as the “routine” activity.“The routine” is a very important moment of the day, because it is the moment when all the kindergarten children are welcomed, we sing, we greet each other, we tell them what day it is and what the activities of the day are.


It is also used as a theater for social gatherings.



Music Room: Music offers a pleasant learning experience, stimulates imagination and creativity in children.At Abriendo Caminos we develop the musical artistic dimension, benefiting our boys and girls by fully stimulating all their abilities.


Ball Pool: The ball pool promotes learning, ensures the safety of children, developing their balance and postural control. Learning through play is a valuable tool to develop and strengthen the emotional and social intelligence of children.

It forces him to face various situations and teaches him to control his emotions.


Sandbox: All the boys and girls love to play with the bucket, the shovel, the rake, the molds and build sand castles, figurines, walls, "cakes" ... and what better way to do it, inside a beautiful sandbox!


Ludoteka: Endowed with didactic games that provide boys and girls with real spaces, in which they learn from their own interactions, developing guidelines and norms of coexistence.


Classrooms: These classrooms are equipped with chairs and tables suitable for the size of the children, accompanied by all the necessary material for the development of manual, cognitive and readiness skills.


The works that the boys and girls carry out in these classrooms are displayed on the walls of the room.


First Aid: Emergency care area to offer first aid to the children of Abriendo Caminos.

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