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Admissions Process  2021 - 2022

We want to thank you for the trust you have placed in us. For Abriendo Caminos it is a pleasure to be part of this beautiful growth process for your child.
To formalize the admission process, it is necessary to complete the following steps:

Colegio Bilingüe Abriendo Caminos Funza
Colegio Bilingüe Abriendo Caminos Funza

Discover Abriendo Caminos:

First, you need to understand how our school works so that you can know our educational project, the facilities and the teaching staff that will accompany your child throughout the school year and solve all your doubts.


To do so, you can choose between:

  • Schedule an appointment by phone or in person, to attend our informative talk.

  • Visit our school.




Make the Registration and Secure your space:

Once you have completed step 1, you will receive a complete telephone feedback on the process.


Next, you must fill out the Online Registration Form and reserve your place by paying the form through one of the following options, remember that the places are limited:

  • Cash in the administration of the Educational Center.

  • Deposit in the bank (business agreement format) or electronic transfer:


Banco Davivienda SA

Savings Account: 4621-0009-3873

Reference: Applicant's Identification Number

Company Name: Grupo Educativo Abriendo Caminos

Value: $ 50,000  (Registration Form 2021-2022)

Note: No refunds are made.


You must send the proof of payment along with the following documents to continue with the entry of your prince or princess to the email:

Student documents:

  • Civil Registry or Identity Card.

  • A recent photo 3 × 4 cm.

  • Therapeutic Evaluation and Evolution Report: If at any time you have provided external support in Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology or Neuropsychology, please ask the professionals for the latest Evaluation and Evolution Report.


Parents' documents:

  • A family photo.

  • Photocopy of the father's Citizenship Certificate

  • Photocopy of the mother's Citizenship Card

  • If they are employees: Labor letter from parents no more than 30 days. If they are independent: Chamber of commerce and / or Rut no more than thirty (30) days from the father and mother or economic responsible.

  • Certificate of income and withholdings and income statement. (Optional)

  • Bank statements of the last three months of the parents. (Optional)

  • Proof of payment of the registration form.

  • Information from two personal references. (Names, Surnames and contact telephone numbers).


Colegio Abriendo Caminos

Admission Process, we want to meet your family:

In this step, parents and children attend an interview led by the director and the psychologist , to get closer to our model. This process allows us to meet families and build a positive profile of princes and princesses, in order to identify their talents and strengths.

Go as a family to the scheduled appointment where you will learn more details about Abriendo Caminos.

  • The director will ask you some questions about the routines, personality and care of your child to become part of our family.

  • Remember that we will schedule the appointment to present the admission exam along with the interview with the Director and Psychologist.


Let's go! Now what's next?

Once the documents have been sent and the student's acceptance confirmed, we will finalize the process with the Registration Legalization. An email will give you all the information on dates and documents to fill out, as well as the payments to be made.


Welcome to Abriendo Caminos!

We will finish the process by signing the registration form.


Thanks for trusting us…

If you want more information you can contact us by email

  or communicate to the phones  8235917 or  3102262412.

Download the admission process:

Treatment Policy

of data :

Listado de Documentos para Matricula 2025:

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