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Our Levels

Our levels and days are adapted to the needs of our children and parents.


From walkers to transition grade, the favorite activity of children and teachers of  Preschool is: PLAY. Enjoying the Game they find a space, a time, means and people with whom they build their learning, recognizing the value of the relationship with others, and with their school environment. By playing they learn to be entrepreneurial leaders.

Children work on motor, language, math, and social-emotional skills as well as social science and science concepts in an integrated and isolated manner through a variety of methodologies. Within a child's day, there are times to sing, play, listen, work at centers or stations, converse, think, read, write, debate, move, build, solve problems, hold class meetings, and develop projects. To guide our curriculum we use the mathematics program and the focus  Literature, Reading and Writing.


The strengthening of the: Language, Arts, Maths and Science programs has allowed the development of English, as a second language, and that learning takes place as a collaborative and communicative activity.

In each Abriendo Caminos space, in each activity and with those around them, the children feel loved and respected, managing to function with greater autonomy.

Colegio Abriendo Caminos


Abriendo Caminos bases the primary school on stimulating its princes  and princesses   autonomy, independence, responsibility and the strengthening of respectful relationships with other members of the community.

The development of competencies together with the understanding and mastery of essential concepts from each area of knowledge, are the foundations of this second stage with a view to the spirit and investigative capacity that characterizes us.

We began our training stage towards the Bilingual emphasis, respectful of our identity and our context. Thus, the skills of comprehension and expression in a second language concentrate high levels of elaboration, and committing ourselves to the current pedagogical approach.

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