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Our Principles

Abriendo Caminos bases its work on the following principles:


  • Promote the generation of an environment of respect for human rights.


  • Encourage peaceful coexistence within homes, the institution and the community


  • Promote the strengthening of relationships and family integration, as a primary factor in education.


  • Promote constructive evaluation, supporting strengths and solving weaknesses.


  • Contribute to the strengthening of self-esteem through affection, "Educating with Love"  and recognition.


  • Strengthen the generation of knowledge by supporting the investigative spirit.

Our values

Colegio Bilingüe Abriendo Caminos Funza

In the Abriendo Caminos Educational Center ten values are taken that make up the Decalogue of Educating for their relevance, importance and universality.

  • Self love and family                                

  • Coexistence- Own domain

  • Forgiveness and mercy

  • Responsibility

  • Peace

  • Solidarity

  • Dialogue and Tolerance

  • Respect and Recognition

  • Honesty

  • Justice

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