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Himno Abriendo Caminos -

A star in the sky awaits me

and I wish I could reach it

my future is about to be formed

I'm on my way to the future

learning life values

learning responsibility

respect and science are signs

What do I look for my integrity?



And my family will be happy

because the teacher will teach me

that I am opening paths of peace

with my friends I want to grow

with my teacher I'm going to learn

that I am opening paths of peace


come on come on dear friends

come on let's study together

that this life is very pretty and beautiful

and we are going to enjoy it together

we will all live our childhood

with love, joy and in peace

we will open roads to the world

reaching a better future



And my family will be ...


When the sun at the top radiates me

I will think with deep emotion

Study, work and drive

They are progress for my region

My family is the unfathomable force

That drives me to grow and achieve

the wishes, the dreams, the goals

With values of peace and kindness


And my family will be ...

Colegio Bilingüe Abriendo Caminos Funza


Colegio Bilingüe Abriendo Caminos Funza

The Abriendo Caminos flag means home, protection, support and security.

Taking into account that the institutional motto is made up of 4 words KNOWLEDGE, VIRTUE, HAPPINESS, LIFE, each word is associated with a color and, in turn, each color with a meaning:

  • The blue color represents KNOWLEDGE and means tranquility, protection, health, understanding and generosity.  It symbolizes the vastness of the skies with the nobility that we must have in our hearts. It represents the family as the first educational institution for children.

  • The green color represents VIRTUE and signifies hope, freshness, fertility and sustainability.

  • The yellow color represents HAPPINESS and means intelligence, originality, curiosity and joy.

  • The color orange represents LIFE and signifies vitality, ambition, passion, energy, courage, success and action.

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