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Health and Wellbeing: Food​  Monthly Menu ...

Abriendo Caminos places a strong emphasis on good nutrition and healthy food choices. Research shows that two components, good nutrition and physical activity before, during, and after the school day, are strongly correlated with positive student outcomes.

We are committed to working with families and the community to ensure that all students graduate knowing how to care for their minds, bodies, and those around them. For students to have the opportunity for personal, academic, developmental, and social success, they need positive, supportive, and health-promoting learning environments at all levels, in all settings, throughout the school year.

Home-packed lunches and snacks must meet the requirements of our healthy food policy. Keep in mind that for our part we provide a complete and healthy lunch. The menu can be found online. For students who choose to bring their own lunch, we recommend packing a well-balanced meal.


These are the menus that we offer for our boys and girls.

Colegio Abriendo Caminos Funza

* Menu subject to possible changes.

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