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Our Inclusion Policy:

Colegio Bilingüe Abriendo Caminos Funza

Abriendo Caminos bases its pedagogical work on the principle of singularity, which recognizes in each person a different being, with different possibilities to learn and live together in a community environment that favors the integral development of the human being. In this context, it undertakes to develop the necessary and pertinent actions that are within its reach to accompany the training process of all students enrolled in the school, and for this the following objectives are set:

  1. Work permanently on the elimination of barriers that hinder the learning processes and school coexistence of their students.

  2. Make the curriculum more flexible to respond to the particular characteristics of our students.

  3. Design programs for the accompaniment of students with exceptional talents adjusted to the characteristics of the school population enrolled in the School.

  4. Develop continuous or in-service training processes for all teachers responsible for accompanying the learning processes.

  5. Guarantee the existence of an interdisciplinary School Wellbeing team to offer school guidance and pedagogical support services.

  6. Provide the didactic resources necessary for the students' learning process.

  7. Have adequate spaces for the learning process in accordance with the characteristics of the school population enrolled in the School.

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